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Arizona Deer Hunting

Arizona Guided Deer Hunting
Is this the year you get your Arizona Mule Deer?

The mule deer gets its name from its large ears. Coat color is reddish-brown in summer, turning to a blue-gray in winter. Its forehead is much darker than its face, while its throat, belly and inner leg are white. Mule deer have white rump patches and short, narrow, black-tipped white tails.


The mule deer is the larger of Arizona's deer. Adult bucks may weigh in excess of 200 pounds and stand up to 42 inches at the shoulder. Does average 125 pounds.


What is the record for a mule deer?

The world record for a typical Mule Deer was set by Doug Burris, Jr., in 1972. The Colorado Mule Deer had a score of 226 4/8.

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